This Week in TYPO3 (Week 30, 2014)

We said it last time and we will say it again. It is hot and half of you are holidaying with friends and family. Yours truly churns a final weekly overview, before heading towards TYPOfree time. In this issue community contributions were coming in from the internetz. Last weekend saw two sprints, T3O has BIG plans and the T3A wants your budget application!


Week ending July 25



The TYPO3 CMS team has worked intensively to create a proposal for a cleaner, understandable, less stressing and more consistent release cycle for the TYPO3 CMS product after the 6.2 LTS release. The new release concept should provide benefits for agencies, developers and the project at the same time.

After this long preparation, discussion and refinement, the TYPO3 Community was asked to vote on the new concept. Unfortunately the doodle used for polling was "vandalized" and is now closed. The results until midday were pretty clear and fully in support for the Blueprint (105 YES, 4 NO).

Currently a discussion is going on whether or not and in what way a re-run of the voting is going to be done due to this vandalisation.


Michael Schams published a new TYPO3-on-AWS machine image: TYPO3 6.2.4 on Debian 7.6 now available at Amazon Marketplace.

Bitnami also updated its TYPO3 installer and VM to version 6.2.4, which can be found at

TYPO3 Neos

There is now a list available of Neos websites on

Mozilla Open Badges

Christopher Hlubek now made the second part of TypoScript 2 in Action available on, which code exercises in TypoScript 2 that involve FlowQuery. When you have successfully gone through the 8 exercises you can  claim your FlowQuery Fu Badge at Mozilla Open Badges.

Mozilla Open Badges is definitely something worthwhile looking into for the TYPO3 community on a broader scale.

TYPO3 Association

No need to report in full here anymore on what is up with the TYPO3 Association as Naike Begiatto and Stefan Busemann have caught the writing virus. In July's Dairy they write about the TYPO3 trademark, Open Expo - Madrid, the Agency Meetups, communication and the work of the committees ('official' association teams).

If you have any TYPO3 Association related questions please kindly contact Stefan or Naike.

Budget Application 2015

For the upcoming budget process, that started August 1, the TYPO3 Association came up with the motto: "Committed to contribution". It expresses the mutual promise that is taken by the budget seeking applicant and the TYPO3 Association. Deadline for submission is September 19.

You can find all important dates and the download from in the recently published news article 'Committed to contribution - submit your 2015 budget application now!'.