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Born in 2002, Vitamin Center is the leading Italian company in the distribution of dietary supplements for sports, health and wellness, natural, organic, aesthetic face and body, clothing and sports accessories. It has a completely computerized and fully integrated facility with web and logistic services.
Today, Vitamin Center distributes over 2000 references of over 150 brands.


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The project

Vitamincenter contacted us because it needed to modernize its site by increasing its usability and improving its Magento marketing tools.
Another important goal was to implement a new section in the e-commerce, dedicated to the sale of paraffinic products: our task was to implement all the customizations needed to comply with the Article 112-quarter of Legislative Decree 219/2006 for the sales of medicines without a prescription requirement.



We started our work with a bottleneck analysis and we found the necessary steps to optimize site performance and manage the major traffic spikes from advertising campaigns.
In addition to the implementations for adapting to the ministerial circular, we made a restyling of website by unifying the 2 versions (desktop and mobile) into an optimized responsive version.

Article 112-quarter of Legislative Decree 219/2006

We developed the new section for the sale of non-recipe products, complying with all the requirements of Article 112-quater of Legislative Decree 219/2006 "Implementation of Directive 2001/83 / EC (and subsequent amending directives) relating to a community code relating to medicinal products for human use, as well as Directive 2003/94/EC".

Responsive design

Development of an innovative multiplatform, optimized for all desktop and mobile devices.

Search engine

Updating and correcting search engine bugs to ensure greater customization in attributing and prioritizing them.

Business CRM integration

We have implemented Magento's integration with the corporate CRM so that we can exchange information for the management of showcase and promotions.
The process of information exchange involves the daily submission to the promotional rules management that have been activated. Magento receives the list of products that will be displayed (home), any related affiliate products or promotional labels.

Performance optimization

We profiled and analyzed the main pages of the site (home, list and product detail) to intervene on the site's bottlenecks.
After that, we implemented a number of upgrades and integrations in order to optimize site performance and manage important streams of navigation from active advertising campaigns.

A high performance B2B and B2C platform for the sale of nutritional and sport supplements, with a section dedicated to parapharmaceutical products.

We have also done

  • Abandoned cart
  • Magento upgrade
  • Pickup in store
  • Returns