Enterprise portalsWe develop customized and integrated enterprise portals, for managing content with maximum autonomy

Our content management solutions allow you to independently manage your own portals, including logically organizing and maintaining the content, as well as managing the process of information publishing with workflows and workspaces that allow complete personalization of security and access policies.
Portals can be configured to support a high traffic load, creating a fully integrated system that can reduce organizational costs and increase process efficiency and security.
We ensure a high degree of personalization that reflects the requirements and specific strategies of your company.
We track our projects carefully and with attention to details.
We give close attention to the design of your site. Utilizing our UX knowledge, we offer service dedicated to the graphic, technical, and structural layout planning for new and existing projects.

Content management solutions

enterprise portals

Main advantages

  • Maximum flexibility and limitless creativity to manage editorial and multimedia content
  • Responsive design and SEO ready
  • Thousands of extra features available for free
  • Unlimited workflow management for publishing content
  • File Abstraction Layer (FAL) digital asset management
  • Integrated e-mail marketing services
  • Restricted access areas
  • Differentiated access to the backend
  • Calendaring and event systems
  • Multiple layers of undo
  • Advanced caching systems

Our projects

Do you need a solution that allows you to full and independently manage your website?

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