AW-LABAn omni-channel project for a unique and personalized shopping experience


AW LAB, part of the Bata group, is the trendsetting Italian retailer for sneakers and multi-brand urban sport style clothing. Founded in 1997, it has directional retail experience with 280 stores, and in 30 years it has franchised over 190 stores. In 2013 it launched an expansion abroad into 15 European countries.

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The Project

The need of AW LAB was to create a flexible platform, optimized for omni-channel, and able to communicate in the same ways and on the same channels used by its target audience (hyperconnected young people aged between 16 and 25 years). The platform thus had to be integrated with social networks and synchronized with the corporate ERP, to efficiently manage a system with a high order volume.



We implemented an integrated Magento-TYPO3 enterprise platform that unites Magento's e-commerce functionality with the quantity of different and constantly modified content managed by the TYPO3 CMS.


The system allows pursuing an omni-channel strategy that presents a consistent experience and perception of the brand among the various online and offline channels. It integrates the store locator, the online reservation and in store pick-up service, and the available inventory in the physical stores.


We implemented the internationalization of the site with the opening of 15 e-commerce websites with differentiated catalogs and prices, dedicated payment and shipping by country and target communications.

Multi-Site Flexibility

The platform allows creating independent sites for each country, as well as mini sites for specific products or brands; both use responsive design and are social media friendly, with logins from Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts.

Integration in Service of the Points of Sale

In addition to having integrated online buying service with in-store pickup, we implemented a system that allows AW LAB store managers to access the platform to add their own news and specials that are available to customers through the store locator.

AS/400 Integration

Our solution for AW LAB integrates with the corporate AS/400, which allows real time synchronization with the warehouses, product data, and orders.

Performance optimization

We gave close attention to obtaining high levels of performance, in order to ensure the most rapid and fluid navigation experience on all devices.

Recommendation service

We integrated an external recommendations engine, personalizedfor user. We optimized the platform to achieve personalized upsell and cross-sell, according to customizable rules, based on the historical visits, the popularity of the product or the particular characteristics of the visitor.

Real-time CRM integration

Thanks to the integrated platform, it is possible to synchronize in real-time orders, user registrations, newsletter subscriptions and abandoned carts. Possibility to integrate transactional emails through CRM.

Loyalty program

Integration in Magento of a loyalty system based on external CRM with the possibility, by users, to earn points both according to their purchases and through point accelerators.
The loyalty program is accessible from the web or from apps on the tablets in the store.


    • Home delivery
    • In-store pick-up
        • Order management and backoffice workflows
        • Dedicated access for each store manager
    • UPS access points
    • Same-day delivery

Thanks to the passion and expertise of Webformat, we built a series of innovative solutions that offer a unique and personalized buying experience to our clients.

Antonella Pivaro
Head of ecommerce & CRM Manager AW-LAB Compar SPA

We also have done

  • GeoIP Localization
  • Login with Paypal
  • Login with Facebook
  • Social share
  • Apache Solr
  • Google shopping
  • Google Analytics
  • Criteo feed
  • Trovaprezzi feed
  • Smart contents (product recommendations, content targeting, smart searches)