TYPO3We design customized portals with TYPO3 for the content management with maximum autonomy

TYPO3 in an open source system for managing content that allows creating, managing, and administering projects of all sizes, from a small web site to a scalable and multi-lingual enterprise portal. With a back end in 51 languages and over 3000 free extensions, TYPO3 has excellent flexibility in assigning rules for processing, sharing, and publishing content.


Quality assurance

We were the first in Italy to attain the status of TYPO3 Certified Integrator. Our team regularly participates as speakers at international conferences.

Our TYPO3 services

We provide a full range of TYPO3 services, including consulting, design, custom theme and extension development, portal development, migrating from older CMSs, training, and 24 hour support.


We offer TYPO3 consulting for developing new portals, optimizing existing portals, and integrating TYPO3 with CRM, ERP, SAP, and AS/400 systems. We provide consulting services during the following phases:

  • On-site training: training and assistance in learning about TYPO3's general capabilities that will be used in the project. Activities are personalized to fit the skills and goals of the participants.
  • Portal design: consulting and analysis regarding the organization of content and templates, the selection and development of extensions, and specific training for those who will use the system.
  • Coordination and assistance: ongoing coordination with our staff always present, or assistance on part or all of the project through scheduled meetings.
  • Security, validation, and standards compliance: ongoing verification of adherence to project requirements and compliance with the rules for implementation and development to best take advantage of TYPO3's characteristics. We accurately verify that developed extensions have no known vulnerabilities.
  • Performance optimization: analysis of existing portals and TYPO3 performance improvement by optimizing the system and adopting all necessary measures to eliminate bottlenecks.


We provide an analysis of existing sites to ensure their security, performance, and SEO configuration.
We specifically analyze the following aspects: security (core and extension versions, and password management), frontend performance (CSS and JS optimization, and browser side caching), backend performance (TYPO3 caching configuration and extensions used), and SEO configurations (metadata, sitemap, and robots). In addition we analyze the application and server logs to identify any recurring errors that should be resolved.


We develop personalized templates and custom extensions for TYPO3; our extensions respect the following basic TYPO3 requirements:

  • Extbase Framework: our extensions are built on the Extbase framework.
  • Fluid Templating: all developed extensions allow personalizing the layout through the Fluid templating engine. They are also highly configurable via TypoScript and Flexform to ensure a high level of customization.
  • RealUrl compliant: our extensions support URL rewriting via RealUrl.
  • Cache optimized: our extension development takes performance issues into account and thus properly takes advantage of the integrated TYPO3 caching system.
  • Multi-lingual support: developed extensions allow translating defined text fields to localize the text into the desired language.
  • Versioning support: developed extensions properly integrate with the TYPO3 workflow engine and allow appropriate use of content versioning.
  • AJAX based interfaces: we implement Ajax technology to ensure maximum efficiency and the best user experience.


In addition to developing new portals, we assist you in migrating from other CMSs to TYPO3.
We analyze the existing site by examining its content, functionality, and modes of operation; we then define a project to import the content to a TYPO3 installation with the same functionality. At this stage we can also create new layouts with new features.

If you have large portals there is no need for concern; we proceed step by step, implementing a partial migration and running the current site in parallel with the new TYPO3 site. Thanks to an application we have developed we can maintain the URLs accessed without the need to manually correct them.
This process gives the ability to migrate away from any legacy CMS, whether proprietary or no longer supported, and move to TYPO3 while maintaining the content and URLs of the existing site.


We offer TYPO3 training courses for administrators, template designers, extension developers, and performance optimization.

Service and support

We provide 24 hour service, advanced maintenance, and performance and security optimization.

Our projects

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