Wind ItaliaA migration project for Wind and Infostrada portals


Since 1997 when it was established as a joint venture between ENEL, France Telecom, and Deutsche Telekom, Wind has been one of the players in Italian telephony. It offers integrated mobile, fixed, and Internet services for both consumers and businesses through the Wind and Infostrada brands. In 2015 it reported revenue of 4.4 billion euros, 21.1 million customers, and over 6,800 employees.

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The Project

Wind was looking for a CMS that would allow it to continually update its offerings at both the content and graphic levels, with workflows for reviewing and approving content, as well as multiple staging areas. Additional basic requirements were the possibility of securely and fully migrating content, processes, technology, and SEO to the new CMS, as well as seamlessly integrating with its information systems.
Given the need to ensure high performance due to the volume and concurrency of user accesses, we proposed a solution based on TYPO3. We implemented the new portal by migrating the content, the user base, and the internal procedures used by web editors to update the content. Building a modular layout was particularly important, as it allowed the Wind editors to continually keep the site up to date for both content and layout. An essential part of the project was integrating TYPO3 with other services offered by Wind, such as minutes recharge management, e-commerce, and so forth. The portal was optimized for the Amazon Cloud platform.
The project was carried out in collaboration with and on behalf of TCS Consulting.



From a structural point of view the layout constraints were eliminated in order to allow the editors to have greater creative and communicative independence. They can combine micro-structures, as they wish to create the appropriate layout every day as fits the immediate need; these can be evaluated through content staging.


The portal administrator can establish how to manage the work flows within the system, create the various approval levels – which can always be increased or decreased – and approve content for effective and streamlined collaboration.

Enteprise Content Management

The system Wind designed also allows exporting information in formats other than HTML, for example XML and JSON; this has allowed supplying content to external platforms, and thus content management is centralized in a single CMS.

Migration and Maintaining SEO

The migration from the old proprietary system to the new TYPO3 based system was structured to transfer content, processes, and connected technologies without losing anything; the same URLs were used and SEO impact was minimized to keep their positioning advantages.

Amazon Cloud Integration

The platform implemented is operational on Amazon Cloud, with TYPO3 configurations that are specifically optimized for that type of cloud; this ensures high performance even with high traffic and concurrent user accesses.

Responsive design

We developed an innovative multi-platform website that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

The project migrated content, users, and internal procedures from a legacy platform to the TYPO3 CMS, using a modular layout to ensure maximum freedom as well as integrating TYPO3 with the various services Wind offers.

We also have done

  • Auto- publishing
  • Multi language platform
  • Google Search Appliance Integration
  • Shop online
  • Single-sign-on
  • Performance optimization (activation of multiple caching systems)
  • Content targeting
  • Charge card online