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Un’esperienza unica d’acquisto che coinvolge il cliente attraverso i vari canali


Stroili Oro

STROILI ORO, a group with a turnover of over 240 million Euros, revolutionized the concept of joaillerie: investing in design and manufacturing research combined with the great Italian tradition, it brought the new "democratic jewel" closer to the mass consumer, thanks to collections for an across-the-board and vast audience.

Communication is an element of strength; thanks to effective multimedia and cross channel campaigns that celebrate emotions, Stroili Oro managed to intercept the target audience.


The project

The Group needed to create an omnichannel commerce experience that involved the customer through the various channels: desktop & mobile eCommerce and physical stores.

Also it needed to manage and optimize the eCommerce platform to cope with a catalog of more than 20,000 SKUs and a doubling of traffic and orders dictated by the growth forecasts.



The Magento 2 Commerce Omnichannel project made it possible to optimize performance for high traffic loads and to use a centralized multi-warehouse system to be able to engage the customer through all channels.

The project, carried out in just three months, saw the Webformat team engaged in:

  • Upgrade from Magento community 2.2.x to Magento Commerce 2.3.2 (with updating of the entire infrastructure) given the scalar capacity for business growth
  • UX review on a new theme optimized for mobile, lightening and speeding up the mobile experience (A/B testing and monitoring)
  • Updating of third-party modules and remediation or replacement of those no longer needed
  • Replacement of third-party integrations for managing editorial content to the more powerful Magento Commerce Page Builder
  • New checkout based on Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology
  • Advanced internal search engine based on ElasticSearch
  • Performance optimization both server and client side


The project was selected by Magento and presented jointly by Webformat and Stroili Oro at MagentoLive Europe 2019 in Amsterdam as omnichannel project best practice.


The project allowed to optimize the management of a rich catalog of products in Magento 2 Commerce through:

  • Configurable products
  • Grouped products
  • New arrivals
  • Sales and promotions
  • Dynamic categories integrated in Lengow
  • Integration of recommendation systems such as Early Birds and Target2Sell
  • Advanced search based on Elastic Search
  • Page Builder – Advanced CMS


The NAVISION company ERP manages the update of catalog in real time. The lists are updated every day while the stocks are continuously aligned with the availability of the network of physical stores.

The management system also has total control over the management of orders and can access Magento to download and manage the flow of order fulfillment independently without the need to access the Backoffice of the ecommerce platform.


We have created a centralized multi-warehouse system that has made it possible to bring the consumer closer to the brand and purchase, through the implementation of these features:

  • Picking Priorization
  • In-store availability
  • Click & Collect
  • Fidelity card
  • Online & Offline


We have implemented a series of upgrade and integration activities, to manage the important traffic flows in correspondence with promotional activities, developed and improved the user experience for the target audience

Being Stroili Group a brand with omnichannel DNA, our eCommerce is a fundamental tool for the growth of the business online and offline. Our site is the main visibility channel of the Stroili offer, and it must be able to keep traffic peaks of several million users. We have chosen to work with Webformat with its Magento experience because we consider them the ideal partner to achieve our User Experience, sales and visits targets.

Luca Gerini
Head of eCommerce & Omnichannel
Stroili Oro

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