Born in 1923 in Manzano, Calligaris is one of the most important Italian companies in the world for design: distributed in 100 countries around the world, the company currently has over 620 stores and 3 Flagship Stores. A catalog of 800 products, a combination of contemporary design and flexibility, Calligaris has become today an international trademark guaranteeing quality and creativity.


The project

In 2017 Calligaris contacted us because it had the need to migrate its proprietary platform to another one more advanced and versatile, which allowed to manage autonomously the editorial sections of the site, the product catalog and related promotions.
One of the main point for this project was the introduction of a 3D configurator that allows a 360° view of the products and their total and autonomous personalization. The new platform also had to be a showcase for physical stores around the world: for this reason, we provided a page for every retailer where they can communicate its initiatives, services, promotions and catalog in an autonomous way.
The project, was apath that led the brand to a new corporate image, in line with its global presence.



The Calligaris project has involved us in all phases of development of the new corporate and e-commerce site.
After having carried out the benchmarking of the main national and international competitors, we moved on to the preliminary project analysis, a fundamental step for the success of each project, because it allows us to focus on the main functionality and requirements of the project to achieve the objectives.

We moved on to the UX design phase, in which the graphic layout of the site was totally redefined, making it responsive, mobile first and designed according to the search engine optimization logic. Afterwards we moved to the development of information architecture, followed by the development of the site with the MAGENTO 2 Commerce – TYPO3 integration.
In addition to internal training activities, we are currently involved in store management support, assistance and site maintenance.

Proprietary PIM and Microsoft CRM integration

We have carried out the integration between Magento and the company information systems (Microsoft CRM and proprietary PIM for the management of personal data, catalog and warehouse) that has allowed an improvement of the logistic management and a costant updating of the catalog.

3D configurator

We have integrated a 3D product configurator into the product page, which allows the users to see the products under every angle and configure the various options and variants by having the ability to see the product up-to-date and to purchase the built-in configuration.

Magento 2 - TYPO3 integration

During the analysis phase, the client expressed the need to communicate quicly and in an effective way: for this reason we chose to integrate the new Magento 2 Enterprise platform with the latest version of TYPO3, to allow our client to manage autonomously the editorial contents of the site (news, blog, press review), the corporate pages, the product cards.

Advanced store locator

We created a dedicated editorial page for each Calligaris store, in which they can customize it with the main information: addresses, opening hours, map, news, in-store events, promotions, etcetera. Each store has its own account and can manage its page in an autonomous way.

Thanks to the technical expertise of Webformat, we realise a dynamic website which allows us to offer to our customers a personalized and incredibly avant-garde shopping experience for our sector.

Roberto Mirabella
Sales and Marketing Director Calligaris S.p.a.