Republic and Canton of TicinoMigration of the cantonal portal to CMS TYPO3

Public Administration

Republic and Canton of Ticino

The Republic and Canton of Ticino is one of the 26 cantons that form Switzerland federal state (Helvetic Confederation). It has a population of over 340,000 inhabitants and a 2,812 square kilometers area. The cantonal government is headquartered in Bellinzona, the cantonal capital.

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The project

The customer's need was to redesign the cantonal portal by migrating it to TYPO3. We made available our consultants’ competences in TYPO3 to the Canton Ticino electronic communication office to support and train the internal team in relation to the activities of drafting, administration, template development, extensions and fine tuning of the system.



30,000 pages, 120 backend operators

All 6 departments, 29 offices and 5 thematic areas have been migrated to TYPO3, many content revision and approval workflows have been configured and customized, and training activities have been conducted to over 30 editors and administrators.

Constant consultancy and support

We have supplied constant consultancy and support for evolutionary maintenance and sections migration to TYPO3

Performance optimization

We have carried out many checks and tests to ensure high quality standards of the code created and speed performances.

Customized developments and coexistence with the existing CMS

We have developed customized TYPO3 modules to adapt the portal to specific behavior and safety needs. Additional modules were also developed to allow content sharing with the existing CMS through the integration of Oracle db.

Migration of the cantonal portal to CMS TYPO3 with technology assistance services and consultancy on the adopted.